18 April 2017

Tim Parr is a veteran of the South African music scene. In the 80s he formed the band Ellamental. They recorded two albums and many singles for EMI Records and had a few Number One hits in South Africa. Tim relocated to Ireland in 1986 and spent seven years there playing his music across Europe and America. Kick van Hengel the head of the Warner Brothers label in New York heard Ellamental live at the Marquee club in London and signed them up to do an album with Simply Red producer Stewart Levine. Ellamental supported Joan Baez at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in 1989. In 1991 Tim returned to SA and started a band called Zapdragons in 1994. He released a solo album called Still Standing in 1996, from which the single “If you Rush You Crush” reached No. 4 on 5FM. This time he invited some other ‘ veterans ‘ and played an exclusive show at Studio 7.