18 April 2017

Peace, love and politics… This is what you’ll find in the music of the Jack Mantis Band. These gypsy rockers will make love to your ears while taking you on a caravan of musical bliss. The music is their heart song, and Jacks voice their portal. The lyrics speak of honesty and truth, reaching into internal passion, and manifesting a range of compositions…rock, acoustic, soulful blues, reggae…each taking the listener on a journey. And that journey is best experienced in the live performances of Jack Mantis Band. With Jack’s booming voice, acoustic guitar and didgeridoo jams…Jimi Curves artful bass…Domenico Benigno’s eclectic mastery on the keys…and Jon Case’s rich, rhythmic charm…together they lead an audience through this journey of swaying passion, bounding joy, and pounding rhythmic jams.