18 April 2017

Prime Circle is a South African rock band success story. They’ve gone from a rehearsal room in the small town of Witbank, to one of South Africa’s most popular and talked about bands since their formation in 2001.
Their debut album, “Hello Crazy World”, was released through David Gresham Records in 2002. After the success of their debut single, “Hello”, they have continued to increase their support base. All four of the singles off of their debut album reached #1 status on South African charts. The album has since gone gold and is rapidly approaching platinum status. Prime Circle quickly became the most active touring outfit on South Africa ‘s live circuit, performing in many major clubs – from the smaller towns to the large cities. They have also headlined in a number of major live festivals in the country. The band have shared the stage with major international acts including Metallica, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Rasmus, Simple Plan, Live, Collective Soul, Paul Rogers (Bad Company), K’s Choice and Kim Lian. They have performed at Nelson Mandela’s 46664 concert in 2005 alongside international greats including Annie Lennox, India Arie, Katie Melua, and Will Smith. Internationally the band has toured the United Kingdom, Europe, India and the Middle East.