18 April 2017

Emotively submissive, fun and raw talent are just three of the many ingredients that make Paige Mac the quintessential collective the world is fast embracing each time lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Paige Mac Mahon strikes a chord. Blessed with a multiple octave range, the ability to put pen to paper and lyrically reveal her inner most thoughts and emotions, her 20 years of life experience is effecting more likes and friend requests than all of her KZN born-and raised frame of reference combined. “Music is an outlet, a route of expression,” she explains. “It’s an uncensored story of the revelations in the journey of my life. It’s there, in the music, that I develop these heightened emotions into chord progressions and melodies.” Melodies expressing disappointments, heartache, frustrations, love and joy – they’re all etched into stories that each sum up what Paige Mac is. With Pop acts, light in longevity and a dime a dozen, Paige Mac is the exact opposite, a respite and a vaccine to the mundane. “The next chapter, post A Moments Nostalgia, is on the up and up. “Everything Paige does is very emotionally driven, hinging off a guitar track and vocal.” Add bass licks, some magically atmospheric guitar from new member David Van Niekerk and Giovanni’s beats and you’ve got Paige Mac 2.0, an exciting place to be if you’re hoping and expecting to get more than you bargained for… and then some!