18 April 2017

LIONEL BASTOS is a multiple award-nominated and award winning artist/singer/songwriter and producer who has written songs and produced albums for some of the top artists in South Africa and abroad including VICKY SAMPSON, WENDY OLDFIELD, ED JORDAN, YVONNE CHAKA-CHAKA (The Princess of Africa), DAVID ABATTE (for the Miss World pageant), JIMMY WAGNER (Luxemburg), LEIGH MATTY (UK), THE REESPECT (Germany), KARIN NORTJE (POP IDOL) and JEREMY MANSFIELD to name a few. He is one of the most recorded (pop, rock, folk rock, world, jazz, blues, R&B, kwaito, country rock ) songwriters in South Africa. Many of his songs have been radio singles. In Luxemburg he had 3 successive number 1’s with songs he wrote and produced for Jimmy Wagner and this time he was joined by friends to play at Studio 7.