18 April 2017

Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, Alice knew that as soon as she finished school she would pack up her things and see the world. She left home at the age of 18 on an unplanned trip to Europe, and discovered her love for street performance as she travelled from city to city. When she moved to Berlin a year later, she started her career as a street musician in earnest, drawing in an increasing number of listeners every time she played at ‘her office’ on street corners and train stations.

Alice stands for that part of you that knows the world should somehow be different, and rears its head occasionally in defiance of the norms, the rules, and the crushing inequality that is our modern life. She tells this story in her lyrics, asks us to be kinder to one another and explores how it feels to be alive, all the while lighting the world up around her with her infectious charisma. It’s undeniable.