1 December 2018

Photo credit to Chris Crossing:

I've been working on a new set for a while. When I got booked to play at Afrikaburn, I wanted to fuse the sounds of Africa, Middle East and Europe to create a really melodic but tribal electronic soundscape. At this set I set 2 mics up in the crowd as the DJ booth was set behind a stage of dancing burners and I really like to feed off the energy of the crowd. I figured if I can't see them , i'll at least hear them.

Disclaimer: It was a set full of tech issues. My controller was on her last legs with the delay getting stuck, cross fade sensitivity jumping everywhere and my hard drive only managing to record the last hour of my set, so I went back to basics and just focused on track selection. I hope you enjoy.

Big thanks to the Syzgy / 72 Virgin Crew for creating an epic space to play, was super grateful to play here, I really enjoyed this set.

Patrick Craig aka Reality Radio